“The Best Summer Ever!”

“A Summer to Remember”

“A Summer where God showed me His Heart”

Summer Projects 2018

This is an exciting opportunity to share in God’s heart!  These projects will be primarily by your Ministry group so please talk to your staff & plan your Summer for this…

*For other GP churches, please sign up through your campus ministries.

2018 Dates & Teams

Join us as we head out to 6 countries to share in God’s heart for people.
We’re still finalizing details, so please check back for the most updated INFO.
Start talking to your staff, save up & plan for this summer!


Team 1 (Rutgers & Pitt & CMU)
10 days (5/16-5/28)

Team 2 (Berkeley College)
11 days (5/16-5/29)

Team 3 (Element HS)
13 days (6/25-7/7)

Team 4 (Davis)
2 wks (7/1-7/13)

Team 5 (Irvine)
2 wks (7/13-7/26)

The Cambodia Project has been a special project we’ve been able to continue yearly for over a decade. We will be hosted by Life University. We will be teaching English classes, run children’s and youth programs, holding multiple chapels daily. We will have opportunities to serve at nearby villages.


Team 1 (Open to all)
5 wks (5/15-6/22)

Team 2 (Open to all)
3.5 wks (6/16-7/12)

Team 1-Year (more info)
June ’18 – June ’19

For C-Project, we will be going to a university in GZ and participating in a language and cultural exchange program and taking a class on campus. We will have opportunities to hold English Clubs/Corners as well. In the process, we will have a chance to build friendships with the students there. We may also have an opportunity to go on a trip to a local village or orphanage and serve the GZ community as well.


Team 1 (TBD)
2 wks (6/2-6/14)

Team 2 (Austin Praxis)
12 days (6/16-6/28)

Team 3 (Davis Juniors)
12 days (8/4-8/16)

Team 4 (Berkeley Praxis)
12 days (8/18-8/30)

For the Thailand Project, we will be staying at the Asian Institute of Technology in the Khlong Nung district, about an hour north of Bangkok. We will be hosted by AICF, a student group on the campus. During our stay, we will hold English Clubs, try to put on various “skills workshops” (e.g. teach photoshop, help with resumes, teach CPR, etc.), and build relationships with students on campus. There may also be opportunities to serve the nearby Vietnamese refugees or to go on a trip to a local village or orphanage.

Japan Project

Team 1 (Berkeley College)
12 days (5/21-6/1)

The Japan Project is our newest project. We’re still working out the details, but we will have opportunity to do some college ministry, surveys and outreach. We will do surveys, cookie for a question, meet new students and build new friendships, hold English Club/Corners, etc. We will have opportunities to serve and hold “American Cultures Night” where we would be able to share our faith with our friends.


Team 1 (Element MS)
8 days (7/3-7/10)

The Mexico Project has been a special project that we’ve been able to participate in yearly for many years. We go to engage the youth in various activities, serve the local community by helping with building infrastructure, or by teaching them about the good news.


Camp Blue (Berkeley College)
11 days (7/6-7/17)

Camp Blue (Santa Cruz)
11 days (7/6-7/17)

The Taiwan Project, is an opportunity to help our Taiwan Team to run Camp Blue, a campus-sponsored freshmen orientation program. You’ll be placed on a team with incoming freshmen who sign up for this English Camp and have a whole week of building friendships with them, living in the dorms with them, sharing the good news, teaching them English, etc. We will have opportunities to give presentations about your own college campuses and topics that affect this generation, and also host “Gosp. Night” where we would be able to share with our friends through skits and special talks. It’s also a great way to co-labor together with our brothers and sisters in Taiwan.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…

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